Standard Business Card
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For New Customers who do not have print-ready file, These prices are for those who provide print-ready files. If you do not have one, we can help you with design for $30 extra. Send us pdf file for desired products of yours such as business cards.Be sure to submit log data(logo trace $30extra)


For Business cards for one person, Setup design fee $30+250pcs $9.99+shipping $15=$54.99
For 2 people, Design fee $30+Edit fee $5+250pcs $9.99x2+shipping $15=$69.98

For New Customers with print data
Send us the data(Adobe Illustrator, InDesign and PDF only)We will print as it is without changing colors


For Business cards for one person, Qty250pcs $9.99+shipping $15=$24.99
For 2 people, Qty250pcs $9.99x2+shipping $15=$34.98

[2nd time on]

We keep print data for you, so simply submit excel file for revise instructions as needed.
*Instruction in drawing format would cause miscommunication thus, we do NOT accept it.
**You can upload Excel file for revise purpose here. We will send you a proof in pdf format after revised.


[No Edit(the same as previous one)]For one person, Qty250pcs $9.99+shipping $15=$24.99
[With Edit]For 2 people, Revise fee $5x2+250pcs $9.99x2+shipping $15=$34.98

Standard Business Card

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Standard Business Card
1 side or 2 sides, full color or black and white the SAME price!

*Prices listed are printing cost when you provide your own data.
If you do not have printing data, additional cost for design will be charged.
We also offer Design service for your products.