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Pricing is for those who submit "Print-ready" files.

Payment method is Credit Cards.
Follow the page options to complete a transaction.
If you have questions such as paperstocks or others, feel free to contact us.


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Japan's original clothe "Happi"
We make custom Happi for your needs.
Be Happy wearing Happi!

Full Custom Order

You can customize all over the happi with your original design with『Full Custom Order』.Choose from 3 different materials. Great for those who are passionate about making your own happis

Our Full Custom Order starts from a plain white base material to print your original design on, then cut and sew it to make the happi shape to create one just for you.
Therefore, we can design not only front and back side of happi, but also sleeves and collars for different colors or patterns for your own needs.
First thing first, Pick a type of Happi material to print design on, then let us know the quantity.
All the size, The same price!

Semi Custom Order

We will print on plain colored or clasic patterned happis so even just your company logo on one location will outstand the design itself.
Great and recommended for those who do have own logos but not particular designs.
Minimum order 10pcs